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Nanofiltration equipment
  • Date posted:2020-04-20
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Product introduction:

Nanofiltration membrane, as the name implies, refers to the membrane with "nanometer level pore", which is between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, and has a certain retention rate for inorganic salt. The molecular weight of organic matter can be selected from 200-1000 Dalton.

Traditional centrifugation, vacuum concentration, multi effect film evaporation, freeze concentration and other processes, to varying degrees, restrict the improvement of product quality, but at the same time, the product cost can not be effectively controlled. At present, they have been phased out and replaced by new nanofiltration membrane technology.

Characteristics of nanofiltration membrane industrial equipment:

1. The core membrane components are imported organic membrane, and different membrane forms are selected according to the process and technical requirements and the specific needs of users, so as to ensure the retention performance of different system membrane components, membrane flux and the stability and reliability of the whole membrane system operation.

2. Bona's nanofiltration membrane system can realize the desalting and concentration of materials synchronously under low operating pressure, with short production cycle, complete desalting, high purity and good quality stability.

3. According to the specific needs of customers, the permeate liquid after nanofiltration can be recovered, and the membrane components can be restored to the excellent performance of membrane components after professional cleaning, so as to fully realize the economy of membrane equipment.

4. The treatment process is always at room temperature, and there is no phase change in the process, and there is no adverse effect on the effective components in the material. It is especially suitable for the treatment of heat sensitive substances. The effective component content of the product is high. According to the process requirements, it can continue to enter the next section or directly dry.

5. The system is made of sanitary grade stainless steel, and it is safe and sanitary in the working site. It can meet the GMP or FDA standard production requirements.

6. Because there is no phase change in the treatment process of the system and it is always at normal temperature, the energy consumption is low and the operation cost is low.

7. With high degree of process integration, reasonable layout, full automatic control, on-line monitoring of important process parameters, and mastering the operation status of the system at any time, professional field engineers will provide you with system maintenance information at any time.

Application fields:

Nanofiltration membrane has a wide range of applications, mainly including the following aspects:

1. Hardness removal of groundwater

2. Removal of organic matter and chromaticity from surface water

3. Oil water separation

4. Glycol recovery

5. Copper sulfate recovery

6. Separation and concentration of organic and inorganic liquids

7. Dye purification, concentration and desalination

8. Separation and concentration of natural drugs

9. Concentration of fermentation liquid


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