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Ultraviolet disinfection equipment
  • Date posted:2020-04-20
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UV sterilizer is a pure physical disinfection method, which adopts the world's leading high-intensity odorless UV sterilization. The cylinder is made of food grade 304 stainless steel after special treatment. When the pretreated raw water flows through the cylinder, it is exposed to enough UV light with a wavelength of 253.7nm, and bacteria and microorganisms in the water are killed instantly. Because it does not change the physical and chemical properties of the water Quality, does not change the taste of water, so in the secondary water supply drinking water, food and beverage, chemical industry, electronics, medicine, sewage, water and other water terminals, are indispensable and the most ideal disinfection method.

UV sterilization principle:

Ultraviolet is a kind of electromagnetic wave. When electrons in atoms jump from high energy level to low energy level, they will release extra energy by electromagnetic wave. The stronger the energy of the electromagnetic wave is, the shorter the wavelength is. The visible wavelength of the human eye is 400nm-780nm (1nm = 10-9m). For the naked eye, the electromagnetic wave at 400nm is blue and purple, and the electromagnetic wave at 780nm is orange and red. UV refers to the electromagnetic wave whose wavelength is shorter than 400nm. Because its spectrum is outside the purple area, it is called ultraviolet (UV for short). Ultraviolet usually refers to electromagnetic wave with wavelength of 100-400nm, which can not be seen by human eyes.

100-400nm UV, according to its influence and function on human body, UV-A, UV-B, UV-C and V-UV.

UV-A refers to the ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 315-400nm. UV-A can make human skin produce melanin and make skin black.

UV-B is the ultraviolet with the wavelength of 280-315nm. UV-B can cause cancer and wrinkle and aging of skin.

The wavelength of UV-C is 200-280nm, of which 254nm has the efficacy of sterilization and disinfection. UV-C with a wavelength of 240-270nm can directly destroy the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) of cells and viruses, resulting in the rapid death of microorganisms.

Vuv185nm with wavelength of 100-200nm can produce ozone, while ozone dissolved in air or water can destroy the cell wall of microorganism by oxidation and make microorganism die immediately. All life forms known on earth are based on DNA and RNA as the basis for reproduction and survival. DNA and RNA are composed of four chemical units a-adenine adenine t-thymine thymine When c-cytosine and oxypyrimidine cells propagate, the long chains in DNA are opened. After opening, each long chain a unit will look for t unit to connect. Each long chain can replicate the same chain with another long chain just separated, recover the original complete DNA before division, and become the basis of new cells. Ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 240-270nm can break the ability of DNA to produce protein and replicate. After the DNA and RNA of bacterial viruses are destroyed, their ability of protein production and reproduction has been lost. Because of the bacteria, the life cycle of virus is very short. If the bacteria can't reproduce, the virus will die quickly.

Advantages of UV sterilizer:

1. High efficiency sterilization of UV sterilizer: the sterilization rate of bacteria and virus by UV can reach 99% - 99.9% in one to two seconds.

2. Ultraviolet sterilizer is efficient in sterilization and broad spectrum: the widespectrum of ultraviolet sterilization is the highest, which can kill almost all bacteria and viruses efficiently.

3. UV sterilizer has no secondary pollution: UV sterilizer does not add any chemicals, so it will not cause secondary pollution to water body and surrounding environment. Does not change any of the ingredients in the water.

4. The operation of ultraviolet sterilizer is safe and reliable: traditional disinfection technology, such as using chloride or ozone, its disinfectant itself is a highly toxic and flammable substance. There is no such hidden danger in the UV disinfection system.

5. The cost of UV sterilizer and operation and maintenance is low: the UV sterilizer occupies a small area, and the structure requirements are simple, so the total investment is less. In terms of operation, the cost is also low. At the level of thousand tons of water treatment capacity, the cost is only one third of that of chlorine disinfection.

Application of UV sterilizer:

Disinfect food, beverage, beer, practical oil, all kinds of canned and cold drink products with water.

Ultra pure water for electronic industry, military barracks, field water supply system.

Hospital, laboratory water, high content of wastewater disinfection.

Residential buildings, communities, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, waterworks, etc. shall be disinfected with water.

Aquatic processing and purification, shellfish purification, fish processing, purification and disinfection, etc.

Disinfection of urban sewage.

Disinfect swimming pool and other recreational water.

Thermal power, nuclear power plant cooling water, industrial production cooling water, central air conditioning system cooling water disinfection.

Disinfection of water for production of biological, chemical pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

The total treated water for seawater, fresh water seedling and aquaculture can reach more than 200000 tons per day.

Agricultural water, greenhouse water, irrigation disinfection, etc.

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