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Fluid bed packing
  • Date posted:2020-04-20
  • Hita:850 

In recent years, MBBR is a new and efficient biofilm reactor developed on the basis of biological contact oxidation and activated sludge process. It has the characteristics of strong anti load capacity, high treatment efficiency, long sludge age, small amount of excess sludge, good effect of nitrogen and phosphorus removal, no sludge bulking, etc.

The suspended packing, the core part of the moving bed biofilm reactor process, should have the following characteristics: large specific surface area to improve biomass; suitable for biofilm growth, short film hanging cycle; appropriate water and air channels to facilitate film hanging and removal; the specific gravity after film hanging is close to that of water, which is easy to fluidize; long service life, etc.

The active bio filler (YL-I, yl-ii, yl-iii) is a new type of active bio carrier. It uses scientific formula and integrates many kinds of microelements which are conducive to the rapid attachment and growth of microorganisms in the polymer materials according to the differences of adaptability of biological populations. It is formed by special technology modification and structure. Its advantages are: good hydrophilicity, fast film hanging, large specific surface area, high biomass, appropriate specific gravity, good fluidization effect, high oxygen utilization efficiency and long service life.

Application advantages:

■ scientific formula, fast film hanging ■ large specific surface area, large biomass ■ easy fluidization, high mass transfer efficiency ■ flexible dosing, high load

Application advantages:

■ rapid carrier film coating mechanism ■ super decarburization and ammonia nitrogen removal ability ■ excellent load impact resistance ■ flexible and diverse engineering application advantages ■ simple operation and maintenance conditions ■ long service life ■ good nitrogen and phosphorus removal effect

Application scope:

■ raising standard and quantity of sewage upgrading project

■ MBBR and Biofilter Process of new sewage treatment project

■ biochemical treatment of reclaimed water reuse

■ nitrogen and phosphorus removal in river treatment

■ remove ammonia nitrogen and purify water quality in aquaculture

■ biological packing for biological deodorizer

Application Industry: Municipal Administration, electric power, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, electroplating, metallurgy, medical treatment, machinery, papermaking, printing and dyeing, food processing, aquaculture, etc. with the continuous improvement of products and deepening of application, the application of Yulong active biological filler will be more and more extensive.


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