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Honeycomb packing (inclined pipe)
  • Date posted:2020-04-20
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Honeycomb filler can be divided into ethylene propylene copolymer, polyvinyl chloride and glass fiber reinforced plastic.

Honeycomb packing is mainly used for various sedimentation and desanding. In recent ten years, it has been widely used in water supply and drainage engineering and become a water treatment device. The utility model has the advantages of wide application range, high treatment effect, small floor area, etc. It is suitable for water inlet Desanding, general industrial and domestic water supply sedimentation, sewage sedimentation, oil separation, tail tension concentration, etc. it is suitable for new construction and reconstruction of existing old pool.

Product features

1. Large wet perimeter and small hydraulic radius.

2. The laminar flow is good, and the particle settlement is not disturbed by turbulence

3. When the length of the honeycomb packing pipe is 1 m, the effective load is designed as 3-5 T / m2, V0 is controlled within the range of 2.5-3.0 mm / s, and the effluent quality is good. 4. The treatment capacity of the honeycomb packing settling tank is 3-5 times of that of the advection settling tank, 2-3 times of that of the accelerating settling tank and the pulse settling tank, so the occupied area is reduced.

5. The amount of sludge is small, which reduces the workload of post-treatment such as sludge dewatering, and the sludge produced has good sedimentation, which is conducive to the removal of suspended solids in the later stage.

working principle

1. Open the packing of honeycomb packing, place the first piece of honeycomb packing on the ground, take the second piece of inclined pipe packing on the first piece of packing, check the cut of honeycomb packing, ensure the angle of 60 ° and form a hexagonal honeycomb, and start to heat the bonding point after checking.

2. All plane joints at both ends of the honeycomb packing shall be hot welded. The two plane joints on both sides shall be hot welded for more than four points, and the middle of the two honeycomb packing planes shall be welded for more than four points to ensure the welding is firm.

3. Pay attention to the operation rhythm, control the temperature, and do not miss the number of welding points.

4. Each honeycomb packing is used as a separate pressing unit, which is stacked neatly on the site after pressing.

5. During the break, the electric iron must be cut off and placed safely.

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