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Mechanical grid fracture treatment, make you become a maintenance expert easily
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If the mechanical grid is not maintained for a long time, it is easy to have problems. Broken chain, wear is a very common problem, these problems do not deal with, it is easy to develop into a big problem!
The following small edition will introduce to you the mechanical grid fracture treatment, what is the relevant content?
Mechanical grid fracture treatment:
Mechanical grille
Mechanical grid is a professional equipment in wastewater treatment and manufacturing industry. The purpose of the device is to remove the floating residue in the wastewater, so as to reduce the organic chemical load of the wastewater treatment after the event and maintain the equipment after the event. The key parts of the machine are driver organization, stainless steel plate horizontal shaft, tooth rake, slag unloading equipment, etc. Many tooth rakes revolve around the horizontal axis of the stainless steel plate and rotate back and forth together with the horizontal axis. The floating chemicals in the waste water are removed continuously, and the sediment is unloaded according to the coal ash and exported by the equipment.
(1) Fatigue rupture. In other words, the fatigue accumulation across the axis is generated under the repeated effects of hydroelectric power, sand impact and tooth rake, and the fracture occurs after a certain period of time under the condition of alternating load changes. The alternating geostress source is the torsional geostress of the transverse axis of the stainless steel plate caused by the impact geostress of hydropower and cement mortar and the abnormal residual blocking.
Mechanical grille
(2) Stress corrosion cracking. In other words, the cross axis of the decontamination machine is immersed in waste water and sand slurry for a long time, and brittle fracture is caused by the interaction of tensile stress and erosion materials. Lashandi stress is the key factor that causes the stress corrosion cracking of the cross axis, including the external load and internal stress of the cross axis under the working standard, and the internal stress comes from the whole process of milling, tempering treatment and assembly line.
Removal and replacement process:
(1) insert manually into the square tenon at the end of the motor, swing the tooth rake shaft of the broken tooth rake to the maintenance port, or use the self reset switch on the electrical control cabinet to operate the reducer motor, and run the tooth rake of the broken tooth rake to the maintenance port.
(2) remove the handle of the side plate of the access hole (refer to the maintenance legend of the rotary grid cleaning machine).
Mechanical grille
(3) use iron bar to block the chain of tooth rake.
(4) use the circlip pliers to remove the circlip on both sides of the shaft of the two teeth harrow to which the broken tooth harrow belongs (see the maintenance legend for the location of the circlip).
(5) take out the two tooth rake shafts, remove the broken tooth rake, install the rack tooth rake, insert the tooth rake shaft, and install the circlip successively.
(6) install the handle of the side plate of the access hole.
Mechanical grille
If the transmission chain goes through a long-term operation in the whole process of the operation of the first rotary mechanical grille, some of the transmission chain will open the willow at the junction of the willow, and the external transmission chain will cause the slipping condition and then lead to the fracture of the transmission chain. In addition, if the rake teeth are deformed due to long-term operation, or the support of the rake teeth is uneven, they will be derailed if they are dragged to full force.
When the transmission chain of the rotary mechanical grille is under the condition of large load, when it is connected to the arc on the opposite side of the grille body, it will generate a great working pressure on the bottom end of the rail. At this time, the inner side of the opposite rail is very prone to skew until derailment. Therefore, attention should be paid to the design concept of the rotary mechanical grille. If the design concept is effective, such cases can be reduced Probability.
The above is the introduction of the mechanical grid fracture treatment of the small edition! I believe that you should have understood. Today, Xiaobian will introduce so much to you. If you don't understand anything, Xiaobian will answer for you at any time!

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