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Commissioning features of sand water separator
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Commissioning features of sand water separator? The spiral sand water separator is used in the grit chamber of the sewage treatment plant to separate the sand water mixture discharged from the settling chamber. Its characteristics are as follows:
Commissioning features of sand water separator?
1. The separation efficiency is not low, and particles with particle size ≥ 0.2mm can be separated;
2. No shaft screw, no water bearing, easy to maintain
3. Compact structure and light weight;
4-axis transmission device, no coupling, convenient installation and alignment;
5 the axial position of the screw can be adjusted so as to adjust the appropriate clearance between the tail and the box wall
The sand water separator can input the sand water mixture into the water tank from the top of one end of the separator. The medium and heavy mixed liquid is directly deposited at the bottom of the tank. Under the push of the screw, the sand particles rise along the inclined tank bottom and move for a certain distance after leaving the liquid level. After the sand particles are dehydrated, they are discharged to the sand bucket through the sand discharge port, and the water separated from the sand water is discharged from the overflow port and sent to the water inlet of the plant 。

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